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It's Working GREAT FOR ME

I’ve battled itchy dry red hands for years! …. When I came across this product and read the claims in the description I decided to give it a try,....for me within minutes, (not even the ten minutes that’s mentioned in the description), it relieved the itchiness in my hands as well as their redness! I was Actuality Shocked how fast this product relieved my conditions. I only applied it one time for the day since my symptoms didn’t come back! I used it again today, only once like yesterday because my symptoms came back but def not as itchy! I truly think overtime with daily use this product might finally allow me relief in my hands for good!!

BTW, it dries fast and isn’t sticky or tacky especially once dry! That one aspect is a HUGE selling point to me. This product is also priced fairly as it contains 4oz which should last a good amount of time! When I finally do run out I’ll def be purchasing more. For someone like myself that’s tried so many products…I’m glad I tried this one! … I Highly Recommend this product, it also Offers a Money Back Guarantee!!

Actually works very well

I have mild to moderate psoriasis, usually on my hands and forearms. I use regular lotion when it is in check. When it gets a little worse, I will rotate use of salicylic acid cream and coal tar. I … decided to use …CalmSkin. After about a week, it started to calm down. Almost a week later, it was pretty much cleared up. Absolutely incredible. This stuff is amazing. It contains grapeseed and avocado oils along with the main ingredient- ethanoic acid. It has antibacterial properties and also helps with descaling. … It goes on smoothly and quickly and a little goes a long way. For me, this is great stuff.


This CalmSkin complete gel is great. I gifted this gel to this my husband, who has flaking, cracking skin. He just used this cream for a couple of days, and it works great. Now his redness, flaking and cracking skin has significantly become calmer and softer and smoother and fully improved…. My husband is satisfied with the results… Highly recommended.

So far so good.

I have psoriasis on my ears. Up until recently it was pretty much under control, but I am currently (unfortunately) having a flare-up. I was using hydrocortisone cream alternately with petroleum jelly and it was only helping for short spurts of time right after application. So, I thought I'd try something different. I just started using it, but so far it seems to help. It takes a while to absorb (but not as bad as petroleum jelly) and the scent takes a bit of getting used to, but it's worth it to help with controlling those annoying itchy scales. I will continue to use this product and hope improvement continues.


This CalmSkin Complete…works fast…. After it sinks in and the itching stops, it then helps to calm the area and reduce the redness and cracking. It is amazing stuff, and I immediately ordered a backup so that I could always have this near when I have flareups…I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from any kind of skin irritation.

Pretty effective

So my boyfriend used this for one week. he has very dry and cracked hands from working in a restaurant, and he has seen an amazing improvement. For the improvement quality we have seen the price…is worth it.

We are happy and impressed with this.


I am 10 days into using this stuff just a couple dabs on my trouble spots a few times a day versus directed 2 times because I'm a hand washer so I try to compensate a little. After 10 days there is a slightly noticeable improvement on my hand. The crack is not as deep now & it still gets itchy but not as often. Much more improvement than any of the months my hand's been bugging me. I'll definitely get more when it's time but a little has gone a long way so far.

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